Social Media Team

Brand degradation is a threat that looms over most companies using social media. It’s a big, scary, real-time world out there with all kinds of opportunities for a brand to shoot itself in the foot. Smart brands hire a Social … Continue reading


Last weekend, we went down to the Eaton Centre (a shopping mall in Toronto) and asked about 175 people what they thought ‘interesting content’ was. We thought everybody would answer it differently. It was surprisingly the opposite, actually. Yes, the … Continue reading


Social media can be a powerful tool for engaging your audience and building stronger relationships with them. But putting your brand on Facebook or Twitter without a social media strategy is like showing up to a dinner party without a … Continue reading

Lesson One

Your target audience has to care about what you’re offering them. It’s so simple, but it’s amazing how many contests fail at this The truth is that it’s a pretty easy mistake to make, but it’s 100% avoidable with a … Continue reading

Contest Awareness

A good contest is a great way to engage audiences. But if your brand has yet to acquire a strong following or fan base, you might have to look at other ways to build contest awareness beyond just posting updates … Continue reading


Twitter has become one of the most cost-effective ways to drive eyeballs to your brand or contest, and there are significantly fewer rules and guidelines to adhere to when running a Twitter contest compared to Facebook. The flip side is … Continue reading


1. Is the prize right? It seems like common sense, but you should be offering something that your target audience wants. It’s always surprising how many Facebook contests fall short this way. Every Facebook contest should begin with a visit … Continue reading


Last week Facebook made their official leap into the “geolocation” space by introducing a new service called Facebook Places. Their headfirst geo-dive will initially be launched in the United States and rolled out worldwide in the very near future. The service … Continue reading

Winner Stamp

Contests and sweepstakes run through social media were all the rage in 2009. While this was great for large and small brands running fan drives, the entire concept has turned into a sort of online popularity contest (effectively turning people … Continue reading