Custom Social Promotions

How do we build custom social promotions quicker than other agencies at a lower cost?
Well… funny you should ask! We have spent the last number of years developing our own proprietary marketing automation platform called ISM Apps. It’s designed to be scalable with CPG opportunities in mind and is 100% modular! There are hundreds of different opportunity flows (templates) to leverage depending on your campaign objectives and what your imagination will allow. You never pay for functionality you don’t need, but it’ll be there ready for you on demand when you want it.

What’s an Opportunity?
Some might refer to an opportunity as an offer or promotion, and frankly speaking, it is. Technically, it’s just our fancy term that we use to refer to all of the campaign types in our database. We’ve asked our copywriter to get us a fancy description, but in the meantime we’ll stick with “offer/promotion.”

ISM Apps

Here are some simple ways to leverage the ISM Apps platform:

Contests: Utilize contests and sweepstakes to grow your community by offering members the chance to win enticing prizes.

Coupons: Reward new and existing community members members with a trackable coupon that they can print, email and share with friends.

Sampling: Provide unique sampling opportunities to drive product trials through social referrals.

Surveys: Perform targeted surveys to gather market research and consumer feedback/insights.

Mobile Rewards: Increase loyalty and influence customers’ buying behaviour by offering brandable mobile reward points.

Voting: Create a unique and engaging user experience by encouraging community competitions.

Events: Generate awareness and increase attendance when cross-promoting with other opportunities.

For more information about licensing the iSM Apps platform for a one-off campaign or as a branded partner, please contact our office at 416-454-9888 x 102 or