Last weekend, we went down to the Eaton Centre (a shopping mall in Toronto) and asked about 175 people what they thought ‘interesting content’ was.

We thought everybody would answer it differently. It was surprisingly the opposite, actually. Yes, the examples each person showed us were different; we never saw the same thing twice. But there was definite commonality to them.

1. It makes us laugh, cry or think.
Your visitor has 728,000% of the power. All they have to do it is press one button, make one click, and they’re gone. You’re in constant competition with everything else they can do online including Facebook and email.

Interesting content elicits an emotional response. It makes you want to see it through to the end, whatever the medium. Happiness, sadness and introspection are the three most basic responses, which is why they’re the three best to shoot for. People remember their smiles, their tears and their ideas. If you can nail one, they’ll remember you.

2. It gets to the point.
No one likes having their time wasted, and without question, the ‘interesting content’ we saw was tightly constructed. If it was in writing, paragraphs were short and concise, and the theses were established early. If it was audio or video, it was under two minutes (unless it was a TED talk).

A good way to test the brevity of your content is to show it to someone who doesn’t know or care what it’s about. If you can get them hooked you’ll have no problem appealing to your target audience.

3. It leaves us wanting more.
And if it’s really interesting content there’s more to be had. Remember, a content strategy is like a never-ending dialogue with your followers, subscribers, friends and visitors. You should always have the next installment in mind.

ISM Thinking can help you identify what interesting content looks, sounds and feels like in your space; and then we can help you create it. We have a team of writers, designers and strategists to build you a calendar and the nuggets to fill it.

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