ISM Thinking

Your community is up and running. Now the goal is to grow it, and that takes more than the occasional post. ISM Thinking
is a social consulting service that helps keep your message fresh, your fanbase expanding and your brand top-of-mind.

Why consider a social media contest?


CONTENT STRATEGY – We build monthly and yearly plans for cross-platform engagement. We’ll suggest blog topics, contest ideas, poll questions and more. And if you like something we think up, we’ll execute it and track it. CREATIVE STRATEGY – We provide custom and turnkey creative solutions for capturing your audience. Our designers, writers and strategists map out what the campaign should look like, how it should sound, and how it should feel. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT – We respond to your followers’ questions, concerns and ideas in your voice. Then we curate what they’re saying and help you think about what to do with it.
POLICY – We develop internal and external conventions to keep your voice and messaging consistent, no matter who is posting on your team’s behalf. EDUCATION – We keep you and your team up-to-date on the latest trends in social media marketing with regular think-ups, presentations and workshops. REPORTING & ANALYSIS – We define and monitor key performance indicators (KPI), and make recommendations for improvement as required.
INFLUENCER MANAGEMENT – We maintain and nurture a network of key influencers in your business, and connect with them on your behalf.

Think you could be doing more? So do we. Let’s talk about it.

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