InfiniteSM has been managing and moderating Jeff Walters Diamonds’ Public Profile since 2009. As a local business in a small town, the focus has been on developing highly relevant content and driving people in a very particular demographic to the page.


• Develop highly relevant content in order to drive local traffic into the store
• Encourage and facilitate customer referrals
• Train staff moderators


• Monitoring how much physical traffic was actually a result of social efforts
• Managing collaboration between internal staff members


Proposal Stories – In order to convert more engagement ring sales into return visits for wedding bands, and at the same time drive relevant engagement on the Facebook page, we created a custom tab to promote a discount for couples who email in the story of their proposal after the purchase of their engagement rings. As the stories came in, we posted them to the Wall which elicited positive engagement from the rest of the community, and many more couples returned to the store for their wedding bands.

Custom Tab – Marcia’s Boutique is a renovated section of the store with some brand new products, and we implemented the iSM Apps Coupon Opportunity to drive awareness and sales. Users could print or email themselves the coupon but had to actually go to the store in order to redeem it.

Website Integration – The client already had a decent website but it was not easily manageable by anyone at the store. We integrated WordPress into the existing website so that posts could be added and edited by anyone in the company that was comfortable with the popular blogging software. The result was a site that does not appear to be a blog at first glance, and is now always up-to-date with the latest products and promotions.


Jeff Walters’ Facebook page and website continue to be properties that we show potential clients who are operating on the local level. It goes to show that engagement can be a driving force on every scale, and that no matter how long a business has been around physically, a social presence can bolster even the best of reputations.