Ford Canada was looking to increase awareness for the launch of the 2013 Ford Fusion. After brainstorming the contest ideation with Sonic Boom, we proposed that Ford offer up a high-end Apple iMac as a prize for the best use of the 2013 Ford Fusion in a Facebook Cover Photo. Designers were able to download digital assets and branding guidelines then submit their creations to a community vote on the Ford Canada Facebook page. The campaign leveraged the Qoints Opportunity Community, which is built on the ISM Apps framework.


• Increase awareness for the re-designed 2013 Ford Fusion by promoting images of the new design online
• Increase the number of Likes on the Ford Canada Facebook page


• The first phase of the campaign had to be launched as a rush implementation to meet the client’s deadline
• Cover photo submissions had to be restricted to a certain size and format
• Users could only vote once per day but had to be able to download any submission at any time


Facebook Connect – Designers in the first phase and voters in the second phase had to connect to the Facebook app in order to engage with the campaign. This helped maintain the integrity of the vote and also ensured that all users Liked the Facebook page before engaging.

Asset Download and Image Upload – In the same view, designers needed to be able to download an asset package as well as upload their final design. The application was designed not to record any information until an image of the right size and format had been uploaded, making it much easier to determine abandoned entries from instances where a user may have experienced a technical issue.

Downloadable Cover Photos – The 5 submissions determined to be the finalists were displayed for the voting period and a month following, allowing all fans to download their favourite and generate extra awareness for the product if they chose to make it their Cover Photo.


The Ford Fusion Designer Submission Challenge asked a lot of the designers it targeted, but it showed that by offering an enticing grand prize, a brand can elicit some real creativity from the community. We received approximately 100 cover photo submissions and 6000 votes when it was all said and done. We look for collaborating on more projects with Sonic Boom in the future!