5050 Energizer “Bunny Banks” were distributed over the course of 4 months by releasing a batch daily at 9PM. Energizer Canada Facebook fans who had 3 qualifying UPC codes and quick trigger fingers had the best chance of winning.


• Increase Facebook Likes for “The Energizer Bunny” public profile
• Increase brand awareness in the target market (Canada)
• Reward loyal Energizer customers


• Creative look & feel and creative adapt were handled by a third-party agency
• The application needed to appear in French for appropriate users
• The client’s expectations for certain functions needed to be modified in order to conform with Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines
• Ability to manage many users clicking simultaneously


Custom Facebook Application – Each night for 4 months, thousands of users would make their way to the Bunny Bank app, which would have to assign and reserve each available prize while a user filled out the necessary information without giving away too many. After a certain amount of time elapsed, if the information had not been submitted, the prize would again become available. Users were able to see how many Bunny Banks remained for the day, and how long until the next batch would be released.

Share Prompt – After completing the sign-up, users were given the option to share a story about the promotion to their wall or with specific Facebook friends. This is a key driver for new sign-ups and often reaches users that would not have otherwise found the community. On average for iSM campaigns that have used this prompt, over 60% of users choose to share the promotion in some way.

Simple Reporting Process – Using an early version of the iSM Apps Reporting Tool, the client had the opportunity to log-in at any time and view campaign statistics (updated daily). Depending on the type of campaign that is being run, the information available to the client will change so as to provide the most relevant statistics for that particular initiative.


A number of improvements were made to ism apps for this campaign, both in terms of application functionality and client reporting. The campaign was a solid success, reaching over 25,000 unique visitors and driving 1.2 million page views.